Early Adventures Learning Center

Early Adventures Education Services is a premier provider of early childhood education. 

Here at Early Adventures Learning Center, we implement year-round learning. Our program provides various curricula to accommodate all levels of development present in our early learning environment

Learning materials are progressively challenging through the course of the program, so your child will continuously flourish. We carefully observe and document the growth of our students and the classroom community.  

Our role as educators is to learn alongside children, facilitating group learning experiences as a guide and resource. While the classroom is often referred to as the “third teacher”, great care is taken provide a space that allows for the exploration of various interests.

All these components make our learning program an interesting and highly effective method of expanding children’s minds, one adventure at a time.

Our Hours of Operation are Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm. 

Consider Early Adventures Learning Center for your family today!